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Microwave Chamber Dryer

A microwave chamber dryer is a type of industrial dryer that uses microwaves to dry materials such as powders, granules, and slurries. It consists of a chamber that is designed to contain the material to be dried and a MW generator that emits electromagnetic waves into the chamber.

Microwave drying is based on the principle of dielectric heating, which means that the material to be dried is heated by the microwave energy due to its ability to absorb electromagnetic waves. The microwaves cause the water molecules in the material to vibrate rapidly, generating heat and evaporating the moisture.

One of the advantages of using a microwave chamber dryer is that it can provide fast and uniform drying compared to other drying methods such as hot air or infrared. It also has the ability to selectively heat certain parts of the material, which can be useful for drying materials with non-uniform moisture content.

Microwave drying has some limitations as well. It may not be suitable for materials that are sensitive to high temperatures or that can be easily damaged by the rapid heating. Additionally, the equipment can be expensive and requires careful design and operation to ensure efficient and safe drying.

  • Magnetrons of the highest caliber are utilised.
  • Easy-to-understand and use PID Indicator/Controller for user control
  • Automatic power control is provided using RF/MW choke/timer supply.
  • Stainless steel chamber with no radiations of any type.
  • Microwave generator must have the necessary electrical and thermal safety measures.
  • Varying frequency (controlling belt speed)
  • Up to 100% selectable variable power output
  • Temperature regulation
  • Heating with a microwave is a clean procedure.
  • Both the surface and the inside of the object put for treatment are heated by microwave radiation.
  • The whole processing time is shortened by rapid heating.
  • The heating process using microwaves is very controlled.
  • Automatic ON/OFF control
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Ceramics
  • Minerals
  • Textiles

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