Heating Block (Dry Bath), Heating Block Dry Bath, Low Temperature Water Bath, Mumbai, India

Heating Block(Dry Bath)

KERONE is helping its customers with best in class product and service to its client since last 40years for their various needs of heating, drying and cooling. KEROEN's dry bath/ Dry block heaters are known for its quality, reliability and preciseness. Dry bath/ Dry block heaters can be used various range of temperature (Dry bath/ Dry block heater's temperature range depends upon the need of client); they are equipped with the advanced, very accurate and precise feedback that is temperature sensing and control mechanism.

KERONE offers both digital i.e. microprocessor based or analog controlled Dry bath/ Dry block heaters depending upon the need of the client. Dry bath/ Dry block heater's either digital or analog are useful for a various applications such as molecular biology, histology, clinical, environmental and industrial laboratories.

Every Dry bath/ Dry block heater designed and built by KERONE is equipped with its own built-in recalibration function, this guarantee long term temperature accuracy of our dry bath/ dry block heater. Each dry bath/ dry block heater includes simple to use block lifter, with a temperature insulated handle for quick, easy and convenient exchange of blocks, with even waiting for the blocks to cool down.