Impregnation Plant With Infrared Curing Ovens, Vacuum Impregnation Plants, Mumbai, India

Impregnation Plants with Infrared Curing Ovens

"Impregnation" process of impregnating substances that has different chemical structure with some other material, impregnation process make the material more solid, durable and increases life span of material.

In the process if heating system play importance functions at different stages based on the methodology of impregnation process selected, hence selection of proper heating and drying system becomes prime requisite of process design.

An Impregnation infrared curing oven designed at KERONE based of the selected impregnation process provides process flexibility, long service life and exceptional energy efficiency. These systems are well suited to a wide range of curing tasks in impregnation plants.

Today, the emphasis on environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods is greater than ever. And in this regard, infrared curing ovens offer important benefits. For example, convection ovens must be exhausted in order to remove raw, unburned fuel, as well as combustion by-products and airborne residuals from the coating material. Removing these materials is critical to preserving the color integrity of the cured film.