Introduction of Infrared, What is IR Heaters, Indusrial IR Heating Systems, Mumbai, India


In today's time, in the paper industry has undergone tremendous change and the conventional drying method has been replaced by high intensity electrical infrared drying and coating. The high intensity infrared drying is able to evaporate eight to ten times more water the conventional drying method per square meter than the conventional method. This has given way to fast immobilization, improved quality, space saving and simplified sheet run. The final outcome is remarkable increase in production

What is Infrared?

The electromagnetic energy that falls between ultraviolet and microwave energy in the spectrum. The heating effectiveness is governed by emitter temperature, emitter emissivity, paper emissivity and the emitter surface area. The highly penetrating infrared energy has much higher drying rate in comparison to convection (Hot air dryer) or conduction (Steam cylinders).