Low Temperature Water Bath ,Water Bath Thermostatic, Shaker water Bath, Mumbai, India


A Low Temperature water bath is a device that retains water at a constant temperature. It is mainly used in laboratory for incubations at the lower temperature. KERONE designs and manufactures a Low Temperature Water Bath both standard and costumed for the specialized need; every Low Temperature Water Bath manufactured by KERONE is conformance with the ISO standards for the application in Medical, Agricultural, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research Laboratories & various other Industries.

KERONE offer fully controllable Low Temperature Water Bath which can be easily controlled and maintained desired temperature for the specified duration of the time.

  • Dual LED screen displays temperature and time
  • Protection against compressor overload, high/low voltage and current
  • Offers precise temperature control and uniformity
  • Inner and outer chamber made of stainless steel is corrosion resistant and sturdy
  • Equipped with caster for easy installation
  • Convenient and reliable operation
  • Stainless steel working chamber
  • Intelligent microcomputer temperature adjuster
  • Digital display of temperature setup and measure
  • PID parameters controlling function
  • High accuracy and dependability of temperature controlling
  • Cooling device assembly