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Hot Air Dryer

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world various kind of hot air dryer and hot air Infrared Dryer having specification such as wavelength of Infrared, proper air circulation arrangement, Roller/conveyor speed, formation of temperature zones to fit into your drying process requirement, we hold our expertise in designing the hot air infrared dryers which is combination of both convention hot air drying oven and Infrared drying oven.

Hot air dryer and hot air Infrared Dryer depending upon your application are designed with the superior quality material with digital control panel. hot air dryer and hot air Infrared Dryer are more suitable for automobile sticker drying, also widely used in printing industry, these are ideal equipment for screen printed stickers on PVC. Fabricated using the best quality material, these are known for energy efficiency and low operating cost. Incorporated with advanced features, our dryers provide unique air distribution which guarantees uniform drying.

General Features:
  • Uniform air distribution
  • Insulated construction for saving energy
  • PID temperature controller for precise temperature control
  • Unique design to prevent material blockage and hence can suit to regrind and dusty material.
  • Double skin insulated.
  • Forced airflow speed up drying/curing process.
  • High-volume circulation blower reduces energy costs.
  • Separate dedicated blowers for circulation & exhaust Control Center