Oil Heating Systems, Thermal Fluid Heating System, Mumbai, India

Oil Heating System

The Oil heating system/ Oil Fired heating system uses the burner flame produces hot water, hot air or steam which is then circulated throughout the house for heat. In an oil-fired heater, the burner is found on furnace; the burner is usually located to throw a flame below the tank. The exhaust gases are passed either via a hollow core at the center of the tank or around the tank sides. Oil-fired water heaters have high recuperation rates, which imply they can heat a lot of water rapidly. A water heater's recuperation rate is the measure of water whose temperature the unit can bring by 100° up in one hour.

This is an extremely safe heating technique since fuel oil in its liquid state will not burn. Ignition can only be attained after the burner has atomized the oil into a fine spray of minute oil particles. These particles are mixed with air drawn into the burner, and then ignited by an electric spark generated by the burner's transformer.

  • Flame failure safety
  • Sophisticated fuel dispensing control system available.
  • Robust design to achieve large operating hours
  • Ignition air pre-heater is an integral part of the equipment giving superior thermal efficiency
  • Electronic control panel for easy control.
  • Application:
    • Building and Commercial Premises
    • High end residential
    • Commercial complexes
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitals
    • Hospitality
    • Hotels
    • Motels
    • Restaurants
    • Laundry services
    • Industrial
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing
    • Rubber industries
    • Dairy farms
    • Food Processing
    • Medical Devices Manufacturing
    • Steel processing
    • Plastic Molding
    • Marine and offshore applications.