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KERONE is leading name in as design and manufacturing standard and custom made laboratory oven depending upon the specialized needs of scientists, individual, Research Laboratories, defence Installation, Educational Institute and R&D Laboratories of leading national and multinational companies for specialized research application. KERONE manufacture option of laboratory ovens such as gravity oven and vacuum oven.

Gravity Convection Oven

Vitality proficient, low wattage twofold divider protected development; impregnated fiberglass protection, programmed bimetallic and pressure driven indoor regulator controls, strong, lightweight. Supplied with thermometer and holder. Two removable nickel plated metal racks are incorporated. Steel outside, completed in a beige hued baked finish with within assembly of aluminized iron. Inward chamber is protected from the external chamber with 2.5cm (1") of impregnated fiberglass.

Intended for ceaseless temperature consistency, the even air dissemination will give greatest temperature inside one-half hour of start-up time. Admission/fumes vents, entryway hook and cool handle. Bimetallic indoor regulator, neon pilot light and on/off switch.

Perfect for applications in which a powder or substance that needs to be heated or dried could be irritated by a fan-created wind current.

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Ovens can be utilized for methodology drying under vacuum or standard barometrical conditions. They are intended to work with diminished weights and/or latent climates. These flexible ovens are outfitted with a high reliability pressure driven indoor regulator to control temperature to ±1.5°c with a consistency of ±5°c (at 100°c; 25" Hg) and inherent over temperature security framework. These vacuum ovens characteristic autonomous vacuum and cleanse needle valves. These ovens offer 3" of glass fleece protection, a silicone entryway gasket and a polycarbonate wellbeing shield. The vacuum level gage shows 0 to 30" Hg. The vacuum and aerial shuttles are developed with erosion safe stainless steel tubing for ideal chamber cleanliness and long haul execution.

Vacuum oven is utilized when absence of climate or inactive air is coveted. Since heating must occur in a vacuum where there is no convection of air, it is proficient by setting the example of the racking in the unit so heat is directed from the side dividers to the specimen through the metal rack.