Continuous Type Microwave Heating Systems, Microwave Dryers, MW Batch Oven, Mumbai, India

Continuous Microwave Heating Systems

MICROWAVE is a new technology for heating purpose. Application on heating industry such as rubber, food, kiln, ceramics, chemistry, lumber, paper, fiber, print and so on.

It's features are :
  • Speedy Drying: High temperature is reached in short time to save lot of drying time.
  • Uniform Heating: Microwave penetrates to the core of the product and heat every part evenly to upgrade product quality.
  • High Efficiency: Microwave is functioned for product direct heating to avoid energy absorbed by container for equipment invest cost down.
  • Easy Control: Start and stop heating are functioned automatically for easy and safe operating.
  • High Quality: Uniform heating to guarantee high quality products.
  • Heating Under Vacuum Condition: Microwave can penetrate deeply into product core under vacuum condition.
  • Articles Packed by Bag: Microwave can go through bag to heat articles inside.
  • Small Space Required: Continuous and high efficiency working to minimize operating space.
  • Good Working Environment: Free of hot and noise problem.
  • Automatic and labour -saving heating technology.