Microwave Food Processing / Production Line, Food and Snack Processing Line, Mumbai, India

Microwave Food Processing / Production Line

Microwave technology has gained popularity in processing of food products in recent time in both household application as well as industrial food processing without changing any characteristic of food, also keeping the Vitamin contains intact. The microwave technology has become as one of the most promising food processing technology and achieved popularity due advantages it offers over conventional heating/processing technique.

Microwave heating system utilises non-ionizing microwave electromagnetic radiation that results in molecular motion of ions within the food product. Microwave heating is volumetric heating process; it generates the heat evenly throughout the entire volume of food material under processing. Food processed by microwave achieve uniform temperature across food item as the waves are being observed by high moisture intensive area resulting in selective heating.

In our 48 years’ experience at Kerone we have witnessed the changes in the food processing technology and have effectively utilised the Microwave technology for various food industry processing applications. We are innovative technology partner of food processing clients, utilising microwave and IR for food processing, designing hybrid processing plants for critical application, low temperature processing. Our microwave based processing systems can be utilised for cooking, pasteurization, sterilization, thawing, baking, blanching and drying of food materials. Advantages that Microwave offers over conventional heating system are high heating rates, lower processing time, more uniform heating, safe handling, easy operation, low maintenance and energy efficiency.

Microwave Food Drying Process:

At Kerone, we understand that the drying of food and food products are very critical as compared to other drying process, the aim is to remove the moisture contain without affecting the physical and chemical properties of food. Drying helps in achieving the preservation of food. Microwave is not very old member of food material dryer club despite that it has gained immense popularity due the problem that we face with conventional dryers.

The limitations of conventional dryers such as low rates of heat transfer, damage to characteristics and nutritional properties, long drying times and overheating at the surface, oxidation vitamins, case hardening. Microwave food dryers produced by Kerone helps food processing companies to overcome all the barriers.

Microwave drying technique offer several advantages over conventional food drying systems:

  • Less drying time
  • No losses in heat transfer
  • microwaves are cheaper
  • more energy efficient and quieter
  • No dust pollution
  • Improved drying time
  • Low temperature drying
  • Selective drying can be achieved
  • Lower maintenance
Microwave Food Baking and Roasting:

Bakery industry has significant role in food industry, bakery products have increased its share within processed food production industries. Baking is most crucial process in all bakery produced products, in baking process heat plays vital role of such as enlargement of dough, moisture reduction, raising product height. The conventional heating technique has been proven to be the best for the baking industries as it offers the best results, however they needed longer processing time.

At Kerone, to answer the need of our clients of baking industries we have strived hard to replace conventional heating with advanced heating techniques such as Microwave. Our team of expert engineers continuously studied various researches that used microwave as source of baking, the Lefeuver’s (suggested in 1981) approach used to combine two techniques (IR+MW) to achieve best result. At Kerone, we followed the advice of Lefeuver and developed baking oven that can process the food item in half of the time that conventional system would require, even better baking results compared to conventional oven.

Microwave (MW + IR) baking and Roasting technique offer several advantages over conventional food drying systems:

  • Half the baking time
  • No losses in heat transfer
  • more energy efficient and quieter solution
  • No dust pollution
  • Improved drying time
  • Low temperature drying
  • Selective drying can be achieved
  • Lower maintenance
Microwave Blanching:

Blanching is process of mild heat treatment, for deactivation of enzymes not a process for preservation. Vegetables and fruits are blanched prior to further processing operations, such as canning, freezing or dehydration, it operates as process of pre-treatment which is normally carried out between the preparation of raw material take for processing at later stages.

Kerone offers microwave based blanching systems that can help our clients to achieve the best blanched vegetable or fruit, as compared to conventional blanching process of hot water dipping and steam blanching. Conventional blanching results in problems such as loss of weight, leaching and degradation of sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Microwave blanching system offered by Kerone has produces better deactivation of enzymes without effecting texture, vitamin and nutrition values of food.

Advantages of Microwave Blanching processing systems:

  • Speed of operation
  • No additional water required
  • Energy savings.
  • Precise process controls
  • Faster start up and shut down times
  • No dust pollution
  • Lower maintenance
Microwave Pasteurisation:

Pasteurisation is a process applied to a product with the objective of minimising possible health hazards arising from pathogenic microorganisms associated with the product such as milk which is consistent with minimal chemical, physical and organoleptic changes in the product. This process is mild heat treatment, majorly performed in liquid food products such as Milk and juices.

Our Microwave pasteurisation processing systems is crafted for our clients processing need by taking all possible scenarios in consideration and keeping scope of future enhancement. Microwave pasteurisation process requires half the time and space that conventional heating systems require.

We offer pasteurisation processing system for both Batch operating or continuous operating, Continuous microwave pasteurisation systems are faster and economical ways of treating the liquid food products.

Microwave pasteurisation processing offers plethora of advantages:

  • Lesser processing time.
  • No losses in heat transfer.
  • more energy efficient and quieter solution.
  • No dust pollution.
  • Support both continuous and Batch type operation
  • Low temperature processing possible
  • Lower maintenance
  • Lesser floor area required
Microwave Sterilization:

Sterilisation process eliminates all the living microorganisms and other biological from food and food produced for longer storage life. Conventional sterilisation process requires high temperature to be generated and foods are placed within the containers for sterilisation processing, this results in slower processing rate, huge wastage of energy and changes in characteristics of food such as texture, nutrients and Vitamins. On the other hand, microwave based solution offers Environmental friendly, Efficient and safest method, the key principal works behind is the exploitation of heat effects of electromagnetic energy for eradicating all microorganisms by attaining their Lethal Temperatures.

Kerone’s Microwave System can be utilised for sterilisation of one of vegetables, fruits and food products infested by pests, enzymes, pathogenic microorganisms. Microwave sterilisation system are very advantageous over conventional because of its speed (shorter response time), Ease of handling (No chemical processing involved), also it does not produce polluting gases or toxic residuals.

We at KERONE are now in strategic collaboration with Emitech, Italy for technical know-how for using their patented solution for Food sterilisation using microwave technology.

Microwave Thawing :

Process of unfreezing frozen food products is critical as the food products such as meat, which are stored in negative temperature to avoid any bacterial formation, known as thawing. The frozen raw foods are thawed before processing, if thawing is not achieved properly it will result in uncooked and overcooked patches with in the food product. To achieve even processing throughout the food it must be thawed properly without defrosting.

Conventional thawing system has two foremost evils one, it requires large floor area to operate and second, it requires large time for thawing food; this might result to chemical and bacteriological declension. At Kerone, we help our partners with our microwave thawing systems.

Microwave thawing system helps in overcoming the limitation of conventional thawing systems, as the heat is generated with the food product from centre to surface at very rapid rate. Hence, with Microwave thawing system the time required to thaw is very minimal compared to conventional thawing systems as well as the defrosting also eliminated. Microwave based thawing is very favourable to frozen meat, fish (seafoods), vegetables, fruit, butter and juice concentrate.

Thawing using microwave offers various advantages:

  • Higher rate of control
  • Lesser processing time
  • Eliminates bacterial formation
  • Requires lesser floor space
  • Water usage was substantially reduced
  • No temperature overshoot
  • No dust pollution
  • Selective heating can be achieved
  • Lower maintenance
  • Highly controllable