Deep freezers Upto-35 Deg C, Flameproof Deep freezers, Double Door Deep freezers, Mumbai, India


KERONE holds its expertise and experience of 40year+ in designing and engineering products with high precision and quality commitment for the critical business needs. The deep freezers manufactured by KERONE has conformance to ISO standards and holds ISI and other required accreditations. Deep freezers provide the finest freezing environment for advanced biotechnological and industrial applications. Preservation of plasma, vaccines, micro-organism and testing materials and electronic components require freezing condition to be stored without being compromised by external atmosphere.

The deep freezers consists of cabinet is poly urethane insulated and is made up of corrosion free stainless steel interior and the outdoor has the white powder finishing. The keyed door has been adds additional security with magnetic door gasket. There is open stainless steel bars. The refrigeration is done by hermetically sealed compressors.

Special Features.
  • Optimum temperature is up to -35.0°C.
  • Micro-controller based control.
  • Bright red led display.
  • 230 V ac power supply.
  • PUF insulation for stability and reduced energy consumption
  • Heavy duty stainless steel basket for even distribution of temperature