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Coal Rotary Dryer

KERONE is the most skilled, most authoritative enterprise in Asia, which is engaged in coal drying equipment research and development, which is the only Indian coal slime drying industry set design, production, sales in the integration of science and technology industry. after nearly 45 years of speedy development, KERONE has gradually become the first brand of Indian drying equipment industry in India .Company based on the brown coal, washed coal such high moisture content coal, with the careful technical research and development, developed the coal rotary drying drum system.

Since 45 years drying experience and perpetually improvement in the equipment design, with its advanced technology, high potency, low energy consumption, stable operation, convenient operation and maintenance, security, environmental protection, the product are well received by users, more than 100 sets of coal drying equipment running in India and all over the world. this kind of equipment can be used for drying all types of coal, lignite, carbocoal, including anthracite, lean coal and poor lean coal, lean coal, coking coal, fat coal, air fertilizer coal, gas coal, coal and weakly caking coal, not sticky coal, long flame coal, lignite, coal washing, screening, raw coal, bituminous coal, the tail coal, midding coal etc. equipment can be made according to the customers' necessities.