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Web Dryer

We at KERONE design, manufacture and export across world various kind of web dryers having customized specification such as wavelength of Infrared, Roller/conveyor speed, formation of temperature zones to fit into your Web drying process requirement, web dryers are designed with the superior quality Infrared (IR) radiator with digital control electronics, Infrared Web Dryer (IR web Dryer) is a specialized dryer which is more suitable for processing of thin layers of materials such as paper drying, fabric and coated filaments of multiple types, films and even many type of food or snack products and many more.

General Features:
  • Light weight construction.
  • Modular construction. Capacity additions are possible.
  • Easy to install and operate. In most cases can be easily supported from the existing structure.
  • Superior quality of wiring system specially designed longer operating life
  • Air handling system engineered to improve the performance by effective heat recovery and exhaust.
  • Web dryers are having digital keypad with digital display.