Biomass Processing / Production Plant, Biomass Plant, Mumbai, India

Biomass Processing / Production Plant

Biomass Production / Processing Plant has essential role towards clean and green energy production. Biomass production plant plays an important role in bioenergy industry in producing heat, electricity and biofuels to reduce greenhouse gases and dependence on the fossil fuel.

Kerone is specialized in plant manufacturing that turns wood waste, crop waste, and other biomaterials, into products, bioenergy and biofuel. Biomass Production/Processing Plant have an important role in utilizing biomass for energy and raw materials for different sectors. Generally, this process is comprised of several stages. These include aggregation and pre-treatment of the biomass feedstock such as chipping or pelletization. Subsequently, various conversion techniques are used such as combustion, pyrolysis, gasification, the biomass processing plants also can recover valuable chemicals such as bioethanol and bio plastic from their feedstocks. We are contributing a necessary step in supporting environmentally friendly use of renewable energy and fostering a diverse, low-carbon economy.

What is Biomass?

Biomass consists of organic material gotten from plants and animals that are turned into renewable energy. This varies group of biological materials comprises wood, crop residues, animal excreta, and other plants such as switch grass and miscanthus. Biomass can be changed to heating power, hydro-electricity, and bio-fuels by using different ways such as burning, gasifying and fermenting. Biomass also happens to be a renewable source that can easily be replaced through reforestation or environmentally friendly farming methods. The development of biomass energy is deemed a crucial aspect in the transition toward a greener as well as sustainable energy mix that will serve to lower the levels of GHG’s as well as reliance on exhausted fossil fuels.

KERONE is pioneer in application and implementation engineering with its vast experience and team of professionals. KERONE is devoted to serve the industry to optimize their operations both economically and environmentally with its specialized heating and drying solutions.

  • Power Generation
  • Heat and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Production
  • Biofuels Production
  • Biogas Production
  • Waste Management
  • Agricultural and Forestry Residue Utilization
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Rural Development
  • Sustainable Land Use
  • Research and Development
  • Renewable Energy Mix
  • Environmental Benefits
  • It improves the productivity of soil to achieve higher yield.
  • It helps creation of fossil fuels.
  • Increases water retention.
  • Management of waste