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Steam Coils

At KERONE we manufacture high quality and durable steam coils, for the purpose of transferring heat from one point to other, steam is the favored medium for heat transfer all through much of industry. Steam is simple and economical to move from the heater to the point of utilization, and it surrenders much of its vitality at a steady temperature when it gathers. Procedure control is simple and quick with steam, and there is basically no slack time.

Standard Steam Coils are intended for medium temperature applications where the entering temperature is 55O F or higher. Our coils could be intended for different steam weights with pitched-in packaging choices for speedy condensate evacuation.

Non-Freeze stream coils are intended for low temperature applications with entering air temps of 55O F or less. Outline and creation is finished with buildup evacuation as a high necessity. These coils are planned with one header, a tube-inside a-tube setup, and baffle which steer the steam through the inward tube permitting buildup to be cleared through the external tube.

Inverse end designs are accessible for both standard steam and steam appropriation coils. We can give the correct coil to any funneling setup. These coils don't oblige a tube-inside a-tube plan.