Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line, Commercial Scale Coating Line, Mumbai, India

Lab and Pilot Scale Coating Line

If you want to realize it before you release, if you are looking for small scale production system, if you are looking for coating solution for research or scientific laboratories, then we can be your dependable choice for your lab scale and pilot scale solution for coating lines. Our Lab scale and Pilot scale coating systems have proven their selves in all type of needs of the clients. Even several pilot scale coating systems are designed such a way that it can be accommodated easily without or with minor changes only. KERONE’s Lab and Pilot scale coating systems are of plug and play type, sizing 10 inches to more than 50 inches. We produce lab-scale and pilot-scale coating systems to achieve same level of quality and efficiency as of production scale coating system. We design and manufacture lab and pilot scale coating with of various such as Gravure Coating, Knife coating, Curtain Coating, Knife-Over-Roll Coating, Web Coating and Mayer Rod Coating.

Lab scale and Pilot scale coating lines are ideal to get the chemistry of coating rightly in place by trying various coating combination with substrate, suitable for the small scale production, NPD (New product development), science labs. Machines are very elastic and adaptable.

Some of the feature of our produces system is:
  • Big Coating Performance by small size equipment
  • Suitable to handle small input and provide better performance
  • Technically reliable and efficient
  • Flexible, highly efficient coating machine for high quality
  • Aesthetically vibrant and Technically advanced