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Flask Shaker

Considerable amount of time is wasted in mixing the chemical within flask or the bottles while laboratory experiments, many process requires that the chemicals must be shaken for the desired amount of time at constant speed maintaining constant shaking speed is very difficult for human, hence the flash shaker provides the solution, the flask shaker shakes the liquid in glass flask for various tests in research laboratories. It is a concept based top model unit. Rubber disc is placed on the heavy platform to hold conical flasks of 50 to 100 ml capacity. The flasks are given orbital circular motion by the shaker mounted on a ball bearing crankshaft. The diameter of the orbit is 2" approximately.

The entire gathering is fitted on a rental packaging which houses an engine coupled by method for Shaker V cinch with pitch pulleys. Engine gave is of Crompton Greaves or comparative make.

Rotary Flask Shaker:

220 volts, single phase, 50 Hz AC power supply is used to operate the Flask Shaker

Platform Sizes:
  • Holding Capacity H.P(Motor)
  • 450mm*450mm 16flasks of 250ml 0.25
  • 550mm*550mm 24flasks of 250ml 0.25
  • 850mm*650mm 36flasks 0f 250 ml 0.25
Griffin Flask Shaker:

It consists of a heavy duty M.S. body mounted on four vibration absorbing rubber legs. The horizontal spindle is made to rotate at any angle and a flask of 500 ml capacity can be mounted on the spindle at any desired angle. Continuously variable speed control can be achieved from a gentle motion to a violent agitation. The unit needs 230 v AC, 50 Hz power supply.