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Twin Tube Medium Wave Infrared Heater

Medium wave infrared heaters manufactured as in Twin tube structure offers higher heat generation and exchange rate, twin tubes can be manufactured in different tube formats as per the desired length. The 8-shaped high quality and pure quartz twin tube medium wave infrared heaters.

  • The heating and cooling time is one second approximately.
  • They are available with gold reflectors and also without reflectors.
  • The outer rear side of the reflector tube is gold coated.
  • Power saving by preventing heat loss from the rear end by the reflector.
  • Prevention of heat loss makes the surrounding work area cooler.
  • Enhanced efficiency and directionality of the heater.
  • Shrink Packaging Machines.
  • Drying Textiles.
  • Lamination Industries.
  • Rubber Curing.
  • Drying of paints
  • Processing Plastic foils and sheet