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Coal Slime Rotary Dryer

Kerone has helped more than hundreds of accurately designed and crafted rotary drying solution varying in size dimension and drying capability. Till dates we have delivered the rotary dryers for approximately for all possible type of industrial application, catering to such large diverse need of industry we have built the rotary system of many types for both batch type rotary drying as well as continuous type rotary drying applications.

The coal slime is coal washing process of industrial waste residue. because of coal slurry with high moisture content, high viscosity, high water and low calorific value such many other adverse conditions, it's tough to understand industrial use, established on the coal slime industry market and therefore the characteristics of coal slurry, through many times technical analysis and practice, KERONE developed a new generation of coal slime drying system meticulously, drying product moisture is less, the calorific value of coal can achieve 2800-4200 kcal/kg, it's a good fuel of coal boiler. This set of equipment technology is mature, stable running, convenient operation and maintenance.