Soxhlet Extraction Heater, Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus, Mumbai, India

Soxhlet Extraction Heater

Soxhlet Extraction heaters designed and build by KERONE is ultimate choice of clients for accomplishing excellent level of extraction in laboratories, Soxhlet Extraction heaters are commonly used in testing of grains, foods, oil, bio fuels, solids and wastes. Soxhlet extraction heaters build by KERONE provides consistent automation, flexibility and true compliance in laboratories for the removal of excessive amount of the liquid or solid from the study sample. KERONE designs the Soxhlet extraction heaters with the various choice of hot plate, mantel or water bath as heaters.

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus is suitable to heat Soxhlet flasks. The heating element is attached to fiber glass yarn-knitted fabric to provide flexible support to bottom of the flask. Glass wool insulation is used below the elements in the housing which is phosphate and powder coated attractively. In the event of spillage the solvent will either evaporate or escape through the drainage hole below each element. The housing has two retort rods and a cross bar on which the extraction apparatus has a built-in regulator which controls the heaters. The heating elements have individual on/off switches and a pilot lamp to indicate working of the elements. The apparatus requires a 230 Volts AC single phase supply.

  • Institute.
  • Medical College.
  • Industries.
  • Laboratories.
  • Hospitals.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Heating element fasten to fabric for flask support.
  • Gap between the metal casing and the heater is filled using glass wool.
  • Solvent escapes through the draining hole below each element or evaporate in case of spillage.
  • Extraction apparatus is fixed on housing having two retort rods and a cross bar.
  • In-built energy regulator for controlling all the heaters.
  • Heating elements with separate ON/OFF switches for convenience.

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