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Sand Rotary Dryer

At Kerone, we are having more than 45 years’ experience in helping various types of industries with designing, manufacturing and installation of various types of custom build industrial drying solution. We help the client in selection by understanding the prerequisite for quality, size, shape and moisture content of the ultimate dried product have to be taken into contemplation, as well as production setting, construction materials most common stainless steel, energy consumption pattern.

Sand dryer is also called the 3 layers of drum dryer, 3 return cylinder dryers, on the premise of the single-cylinder dryer, developed and manufactured, which is an industrial dryer on non-viscous, liquid material. at present three-cylinder dryer produced by KERONE, with mature technology, through the drying of the sand, fly ash, coal, mineral materials, slag, and other material, the result is extremely good. It’s widely utilized in building materials, chemicals, casting, and other industries. It’s drying equipment that handles a large range of materials, with a large production capability, wide application range, and reliable operation.

The sand drum dryer is usually appropriate for granular materials and can be utilized to treat river sand, dry-mixed mortar, yellow sand, cement plant slag, clay, artificial sand, quartz sand, slag, cinder, fly ash, gypsum, iron dry powder, limestone, and other raw materials, especially dry sand, river sand, quartz sand, and other materials have excellent drying effects.