Box Dryers, High Velocity Box Dryer, Tray Moving Dryers, Mumbai, India

Box Dryers

KERONE is pioneer in designing and manufacturing the box type dryers for various type of processes. We are helping our clients with our engineering solutions since last 48 years, our huge experience and commitment to quality had made us the first preference of clients for their need of heating, drying or cooling. Till now we have manufactured various types of box dryers by keeping need of client at front. We hold proficiency in designing and manufacturing box dryer, these dryers are highly values by the pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, sludge and other Industries.

Box Dryers are used for drying in conventional process and delivers the best result. Air flow within the box dryer can be freely selected, which makes it suitable of various applications. The air circulation is provided by the dynamically placed axial flow type blower fans in the drying chamber, during the process.

Material to be processed in box dryer are loaded into container or try and inserted into dryer for specified time duration. Box dryers are made up of double walled cabinet having one to two doors, it has fibre glass wool insulating material is filled between the gaps of two walls to eliminate heat losses during process.

  • Material: Supports a wide range of materials.
  • Batch processing: Material are processed in batches hence parameters can be set.
  • Ease of operation: Doors are provided for loading and unloading materials, control panels to set time and temperature.
  • Easily Maintained: Easy to clean and inspect.
  • Different Airflow: Vertical, horizontal (up and down), parallel, lateral airflow methods can be used.
  • Suitable for pharma, chemical, food, ceramic and sludge processing industries.
  • Suitable to process require to be processed in batches with different temperature range.
  • Suitable for material having undefined(complex) shapes.
Tray Moving Dryer:

Tray moving dryer are custom designed dryers, they are modified version of conventional tray dryers. In tray moving dryer can also be called as up down drying consist of two chambers with air flow of different direction, conveyor belt that load tray within the dryer. Once the tray is loaded the elevator is used to move the tray to top of chamber 1 as soon as it reached the top of chamber 1, it is moved horizontally in chamber two and then tray it elevated down till the outlet (exit). Airflow in both chambers are get different direction to achieve drying from both top and down. At Kerone we design and create such dryer based on the client’s custom requirement.

  • Improved efficiency: Efficiency of tray drying process gets improved due to the movement of tray and bi-directional drying.
  • Avoid manual handling: Tray loading and unloading happens automatically avoiding human interference.
  • Reduces processing time: Since drying happens from both the directions hence drying duration is reduced.
  • Multi Chambering: Multiple chambers can be fitted as per the process requirement.