Custom Built Heaters, Custom Built Heating Elements, Electric Custome Built Heater, Mumbai, India

Custom Built Heaters

In addition to a huge variety of standard heaters, KERONE also offers unlimited variations in the form of customized heater designs. If your order calls for requirements about unique physical attributes, special wattage or voltage ratings for any specific purpose, trust KERONE to fulfill all of them with precise scrutiny to each & every detail. At times we can incorporate design enhancements at little or no added cost.

KERONE always takes a personal approach to all our projects to design and provide each and every heater as per our client’s specification and so far the extra attention we devote in making a product efficient and sufficient has been appreciated by our clients. To help you become more familiar with our capabilities please review the collection of heater photos uploaded on our website. They represent just a few ways we have helped other customers to improve their process heating operations.

Industrial Applied:
  • Heating solutions in food industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Waste water treatment
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Oil Pipeline Industry