Infrared Vacuum Heating System, IR Vacuum Oven, Vacuum Infrared Ovens, Mumbai, India

Infrared Vacuum Heating Systems

Infrared heating system by KERONE is a reliable heating source, having capability to transfer large amount of heat in shorter time, and easy switch on and off mechanism helps in saving of energy required for as source of firing.

As infrared waves travels through the air and water, no need of direct contact with the material under process. With small change in structure the Infrared heaters can be made suitable for the Vacuum operational condition.

Reflectors of superior design and performance with side, bottom and tilted shield options:
  • Run indicator light.
  • Couplings that outperform all others.
  • Burner housing with no loose service doors.
  • Filters are easily changed even with outside combustion air fitted.
  • Vacuum pumps are corrosion resistant, heavy duty construction with several sizes available to best match the system.
  • Decorative grills can be installed as an option
  • Low voltage
  • Sealed heaters
  • Tungsten or carbon
  • Fire polished for clean room conditions
  • Single- or double-ended lamps
  • Molybdenum wire connections
  • Heating wafers in de-gassing and annealing processes
  • Drying of products in vacuum chambers
  • Coating processes in vacuum chambers
  • Food packaging
  • Plastic forming