Rotary Retort Furnace, High Temperature Rotary Kiln, Mumbai, India

Rotary Retort Furnace

The rotary retort have been utilized for the continuous heat treatment of a variety of raw materials. The rotary retort furnaces is particularly adaptable to controlled atmosphere operation up to 500 ° c. These furnaces are particularly well suited for the processing of raw materials because the rotary conveying action tumbles the materials, breaking up any jams or tangled clumps facilitating further thorough heat treatment of each of the individual part. The traditional rotary retort concept isn't without problems improper and uneven loading, jams of parts formed at the charge end that cannot be broken up in the retort, the maintenance of rotary bearing and seals within the heated shell and the loss of controlled atmosphere.

  • No special pit or foundation
  • Low maintenance – maintenance is limited
  • Flexibility – small or large production runs can be handled alternately or continuously; close control of furnace operation is easily obtained
  • Automation – heat treating is completely automatic after loading raw materials into hopper
  • Uniform loading – a specially designed vibratory hopper and weight-actuated skip loader deposit precisely measured charges into the furnace

The rotary draw to complete the rotary retort raw materials heat treating line, offers a rotary retort draw furnace with the same cantilevered retort design advantages as the rotary retort hardening furnace. The furnace features a recirculation system designed to keep heated gases in contact with the work as it progresses through the cycle. Convection heating is used to full advantage for effective heat transfer in a minimal floor space. The furnace needed no pit or special foundation.