Ethanol Recovery Plant from Sugarcane, Ethanol Recovery Line from Food Grains, Mumbai, India

Ethanol Recovery Plant from Sugarcane

KERONE has technical expertise in process and mechanical design, manufacturing of various capacity plants for Rectified Spirit (RS), Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA), and Anhydrous Alcohol (AA) also called Fuel Ethanol or Molecular Sieve Ethanol. Our capacity varies from 10 KL per Day to 1250 KL per Day. We use spent wash boilers so that effluent is burnt in boiler as fuel. Steam Turbine back pressure type is used to generate electricity required to operate plant. Steam exiting the turbine is used in distillation and evaporation system. Condensate after polishing is used in boiler. Production of alcohol comprises broadly 3 sections.

  • Fermentation
  • Distillation
  • Effluent treatment and disposal

Spent Wash generated as effluent is concentrated in Multiple Effect Evaporator system. Concentrated Spent Wash is burnt in boiler as fuel along with bagasse or coal thus there is no disposal outside factory. This makes our distilleries as Zero Liquid Discharge Plants.