Ethanol Recovery Plant from Bamboo, Ethanol Production Line, Mumbai, India

Ethanol Recovery Plant from Bamboo

Bamboo is a new variety which has got huge potential to bring revolution in the field of Bio-Energy. The Bamboo is grown for several purpose. When it is grown as Energy Plantation, it is used as a Bio-mass Feedstock for bio ethanol production. Bamboo has 65% digestible cellulose which can be processed into Ethanol. Under the available cellulosic ethanol process, 4 Kgs of bamboo can be made to produce 1 Kg of Ethanol. Thus, cultivation of bamboo under Precision Farming can generate 10,000 to 12,000 lit of Ethanol per acre per year. With an increase in demand for liquid fuel and the development of technology of blending ethanol with the existing fuel, opens up the untapped energy market for the industries.

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