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Direct Air Capture

Kerone is an innovative company that leads to the modern environmental technologies. Kerone is leading the war against climate change through new approaches. It is our goal to have a greener environment that will last through generations. We intend to employ Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology as it is geared towards capturing carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere and thus fighting off global warming. A committed crew of people with passion towards conserving the environment and commitment in creating a better, greener world.

By drawing in atmospheric air and extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from it through a sequence of chemical reactions, Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology accomplishes this while releasing the remaining air back into the surrounding environment. Every day, plants and trees photosynthesize in this manner; however, Direct Air Capture technology speeds up this process and requires less space on land.

An air contactor, a sizable apparatus based on industrial cooling towers, is where the process begins. Air is drawn into this contraption by a massive fan and travels over thin plastic surfaces that are being brushed with potassium hydroxide solution. The CO2 molecules are chemically bound by this non-toxic solution, which draws them out of the atmosphere and deposits them as a carbonate salt in the liquid solution.

After going through a number of chemical reactions to boost its concentration, purify, and compress it, the CO2 in this carbonate solution is finally given in gas form, ready for use or storage. In order to do this, salt must be extracted from solution and formed into tiny pellets using a device known as a pellet reactor, which was modified from water treatment technology. The original capture chemical to be employed in the air contactor is regenerated in this chemical reaction in addition to precipitating out the calcium carbonate pellets.

In order to release the CO2 in pure gas form, these pellets are roasted in a calciner, the third stage in our process. This process also leaves behind calcium oxide, which is fed back into the pellet reactor to restart the cycle after being rehydrated with water in the slaker.

Direct air capture's advantages:

Carbon Removal: By directly lowering atmospheric CO2 levels, Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology successfully fights climate change.

Scalability: Direct Air Capture (DAC) systems are flexible enough to be applied to a wide range of applications since they can be deployed at different scales.

Carbon Neutrality: A circular carbon economy can be facilitated by incorporating used CO2 into a variety of activities.

Mitigating Climate Impacts: Direct Air Capture (DAC) can lessen the effects of global warming, such as extreme weather occurrences and increasing sea levels, by actively lowering CO2 levels.

How Is Kerone's Direct Air Capture Leading?

Leading the way in the development and implementation of state-of-the-art technologies that successfully and economically extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is Kerone. Our large-scale DAC systems are built to have a significant effect on carbon removal initiatives. We consistently improve and optimize our DAC technology with a dedication to innovation and sustainability, aiming to make it a scalable and easily accessible solution for businesses, governments, and individuals alike.