Fuel Gas Heaters, Industrial Electric Fuel Gas Heater, Mumbai, India

Fuel Gas Heaters

Fuel gas are type of fuels that are in gaseous under ordinary conditions. Such gases are sources of potential heat energy or light energy that can be readily transmitted and distributed many times find application in power generations also. Before using these gases need to treated for the removal of contaminants and this process requires heating of the fuel gases by carefully sectional of fule gas heaters in two stages

First is pre-heating where the fuel gasper heater heats the fuel gases to reduce its Joules Thompson effect, eliminating ice formation when the pressure and temperature is dropped.

Second stage of heating is super heating, where the fuel gas heater heats the fuel gases typically above the dew point of the gas, which allow fuel gasses to remain in gas form and hold the desired temperature.

KERONE is having the huge experience in manufacturing the fuel gas heating system those are carefully designed to operate in such high flammable and risky operations.