Customized Heating Solution, Conveyor Heating Systems, Mumbai, India

Customized Heating Solutions

The ovens find application in almost all industries whether it's rubber, plastic, wood, food, pharmaceutical or dealing with various metals, the heating/drying need of these industrial verticals are different from each other. Even sometimes standard heating/drying or cooling system which is best suited for one process may not fit into another process need both commercial and operational need hence the customized heating system or customized heating solution has became demand of situation .

We have expertise on custom heating solutions including gas line heating, membrane heating, uniform or non-uniform heat regions, heat gradients, low voltage heating, heat radiation, heat conductance and heat convection. With our specialized software and right instrumentation we can collect feedback from unlimited amount of any type of thermocouples, at any desired rate, and control and vary the heating power programmatically with user defined parameters. Since almost each case have different requirements, please contact us directly with your requirements and information about your systems.

KERONE offers a variety of band heaters and non-contact heaters to accommodate any cylindrical application. KERONE's product offering ranges from the HT Mica Band using high temperature mica and sheath materials for your high temperature applications, to the better belly band used for compressor applications. As the leader in electric heating elements and sensors, KERONE offers a variety of quality strip heaters. Strip heaters can be used in a variety of applications from food warming to packaging machinery.

Our Standard Cartridge heaters are designed as an economical, quality heater for lower temperature use (typically 40 watts per square inch, depending on the application). Our Hi-Temp Cartridge heaters can be used for applications requiring more heat. KERONE's versatile Tubular heaters are custom-formed in a wide variety of shapes to correspond to your requirements. Stainless steel or steel sheath materials are available, as well as a large selection of termination styles.