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Even cooling systems also needed to be heated at desired temperature to keep to workable from time to time, as simplest example of the refrigerative heater is defreeze option available to in the normal refrigerators. The heating elements play and essential role in proper functioning of the refrigeration and air conditioning equipments. The flexible elements are used in different areas of refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

Refrigerated display cabinets

Silicon heating cord is used as a heat tracing cable which is installed inside the lower frame. It prevents the formation of dampness on the front pane

Refrigerated and frozen food storage cabinets

In the refrigerated storage cabinet the heating cable is mounted in the door, close to the pane. It prevents the damp formation on the pane when the door is being opened and closed. While in the frozen food storage cabinets, the heating elements are installed in the door frame which prevents the rubber seal to freeze to the frame.

Cold room doors

In the cold room doors, the door seals freezes to the door frames making it difficult to open the door. The heating element fitted into the groves of the frame prevents the seal from freezing.

Cold room floors

The temperature difference in the cold rooms causes the concrete slabs, in touch with the ground to reach subzero level. This can cause the ground water to freeze which will raise the level of the ground causing damage to the concrete slabs. The heating elements are installed in the concrete under the insulation prevents the ground water from freezing. The meeting of the cold and hot air at the entrance while opening the door causes condensation. This can cause the formation of ice on the floor which can lead to accident. To prevent this occurrence, the heating elements are installed near the door area in the concrete above the insulation.


The cooling circuit of the Evaporators needs to be de-iced at regular interval during its operation. The water is collected at the base of the evaporator and is removed via means of drain pipes. The heating cable is installed inside the long pipes, which might be located several meters inside the cold room, to prevent freezing of the water.

Refrigerant compressors

The heating tape around the compressor prevents the coolant to be absorbed by the lubricating oil. (Crankcase Heaters)

Refrigerated vehicles

The refrigerated vehicles come with evaporators which require the use of heating tapes for their proper functioning. It requires the drain pipe to be heated by the use of cable. The heating cables are also installed near the door frame to prevent the door seals from getting frozen. This makes the handling of the door very smooth.