Reverse Roll Coating Systems, Reverse Roll Coating Dryer Machine, Mumbai, India

Reverse Roll Coating Machine

Reverse roll coating is a roll-to-roll coating strategy for wet coatings. It is separated from other roll coating systems by having two reverse-running nips. The metering roll and the applicator roll turn in inverse directions with the rate contrast of 50% to 150%, with an exact crevice between them. The surface of the applicator roll is stacked with an overabundance of coating before the metering nip, so its surface rises up out of the metering nip with an exact thickness of coating equivalent to the crevice.

In reverse roll coating, the coating material is measured onto the applicator roller by exactness setting of the hole between the upper metering roller and the application roller underneath it. The coating is "wiped" off the application roller by the substrate as it goes around the bolster roller at the base. The chart delineates a 3-roll reverse roll coating process, despite the fact that 4-roll forms are normal.