Objectives of Pilot Plant Scale Up Techniques

Plant: – It is a place where the 5 M’s like money, material; man, method and machine are brought together for the manufacturing of the products.

Pilot Plant: – It is the part of the pharmaceutical industry where a lab scale formula is transformed into a viable product by development of liable and practical procedure of manufacture.

Scale-up: – The art for designing of prototype using the data obtained from the pilot plant model. Definitions R & D Production Pilot Plant.

Objectives of Pilot Plant

“Find mistakes on small scale and make profit on large scale.”

  • To produce physically and chemically stable therapeutic dosage forms.
  • Review of the processing equipment.
  • Guidelines for productions and process control.
  • Evaluation and validation for process and equipment’s.
  • To identify the critical features of the process.
  • To provide master manufacturing formula.
  • To try the process on a model of proposed plant before committing large sum of money on a production unit.
  • Examination of the formula to determine its ability to withstand Batch-scale and process modification.
  • To avoid the scale-up problems.

Pilot plant scale-up techniques involve consistent manufacture of associate experimental formulation on high-speed production instrumentation, during a efficient manner. It’s a part district region locality vicinity section of the pharmaceutical trade wherever identical processes used throughout analysis and Development (R&D) of dosage forms are applied to completely different output volumes; typically larger than that obtained throughout R&D.

In each emerging pharmaceutical industry or an already existing one, there’s continually a desire to possess an intermediate batch scale representing procedures and simulating that used for industrial producing. This can be achieved by determining the flexibility of formula to resist batch-scale and process modification.

There is equally a requirement for equipment analysis and validation to make sure that the aim of your company that is the production of the drug in question isn’t defeated. For a pilot scale up to achieve success a product should be capable of being processed in a massive scale typically with equipment that solely remotely resembles that utilized in the event laboratory. the concept is that you simply perceive what makes these processes similar, determine and eliminate several scale-up issues before massive giant sum of money on a production unit.

Maintain the chemical attributes of the product, its quality and effectiveness even though the assembly processes are changed as a results of sample size increase, and equipment changes.

Pilot plant scale-up must include:

  • A close examination of the formula to determine its ability to withstand large scale and process modification.
  • A review of a range of relevant processing equipment to determine which would be most compatible with the formulation as well as the most economical, simple, and reliable in producing the product.
  • What happens during pilot plant scale-up?
  • Determination of the availability of raw materials that consistently meet the specifications required to produce the product.
  • Determination of the physical space required and the layout of related functions to provide short term and long term efficiency.
  • Evaluation, validation, and finalizing of production and process controls.
  • Issuing of adequate records and reports to support Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and provide the historical development of the production formulation process, equipment train, and specifications
  • Development and validation of meaningful product reprocessing procedures.
  • Identification of all critical features of a scale-up process, so that it can be adequately monitored to provide assurance that the process is under control and that the process at each level of the scale-up maintains the specified attributes originally intended.
  • Production rate and future market requirements.

Pilot plant scale-up is of practical interest to formulation scientist/ production managers and will be thought of from the origin of a development project. this is often be} as a result of a method using constant style of equipment can perform quite otherwise once the scale of the equipment and the quantity of material concerned is considerably increased.

The chemical attributes of the product, its quality and effectuality should be maintained despite the fact that the assembly processes is changed as a results of sample size increase, and equipment changes. You must conjointly bear in mind that pilot plant scale-up, in itself, doesn’t guarantee a smooth transition.

A well-defined method might fail quality assurance tests fully manufacturing scale even once generating an ideal product in both the laboratory and therefore the pilot plant.

Significance Of Pilot Plant/ Importance Of Pilot Plant:

  • Examination of formulae.
  • Review of range of relevant processing equipment’s.
  • Production rate adjustment.
  • Idea about physical space required.
  • Appropriate records and reports to support GMP.
  • Identification of critical features to maintain quality.

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