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Microwave Heating Dryer

All most every industrial applications demands for the heating, drying and cooling process but the process has changed over the time. The demand of situation is having efficient process and the time have become one of the critical factor in calculating total system efficiency. Hence the application of electromagnetic wave have became popular ,the microwave dryers utilizes the Microwave frequencies from the electromagnetic spectrum, these waves are generated by high quality magnetrons, it dries the material from within it instead of drying from surface, this help to achieve the desired results with lesser time as compare to conventional dryers.

Being pioneer in providing heating, cooling and drying solution, KERONE always tried to help its clients to with best quality product with latest technology to fulfill their specialize needs at affordable cost.

In KERONE, at our research and development wing, we have highly experienced team of professionals who made us equipped with the varied rang of Microwave Heater that can be implemented across different verticals

  • Batch Oven/ Dryers
  • Semi Batch Ovens/Dryers
  • Continuous (conveyorised) Oven/Dryers.
  • Microwave heating process is clean.
  • Microwave heat penetrates both on the surface as well as internally within the object placed for the Treatment.
  • High speed of heating reduces total time of processing.
  • Microwave heating process is highly controllable
Feature of Microwave Dryers:
  • High Quality Magnetron manufactured by Panasonic(Japan)/IBF(Germany)/Hitachi (Japan)
  • PID Indicator/controller
  • RF/MW choke/timer provision
  • Stainless steel chamber
  • Required electrical & thermal safety features for microwave generator
  • Variable frequency (Belt speed control)
  • Variable Power output (selectable) up to 100%
  • Temperature Control