Product Range

Kerone manufactures and supply a very wide range of flexible heating elements.

Heating Cords
Cables and Tapes

Electric Heat Tracers..Constant power cables

Various insulations for use up to 450C. Terminated or unterminated elements for domestic appliances, refrigeration, air conditioning, laboratories, floor heating, ramp heating

Crankcase heaters

A range of heaters for air conditioners and refrigeration compressors.

Aluminium foil heating elements

Freeze protection of heat exchangers, temperature maintenance of heated food counters in canteens, anticondensation of electric or electronic control boxes, anticondensation of refrigerated display cabinets


Economy Mineral Insulated (MI) cable can meet all industrial and commercial electric heating demands. Copper / stainless steel sheath cables offer the best characteristics of a heating system. These cables are completely in-organic and will not age with time. Copper and SS will resist corrosion exceptionally well and can withstand high temperature environments. MI cables are safe, offering a fully grounded system, and will not burn or support combustion.

Anticondensation Heaters for Electric Motors

Electric motors in operation are warm. When stopped they cool down and as a consequence there is humidity condensation inside the motor. When switched on again, this can cause a short circuit. Heating tapes will keep the motor warm and prevent the condensation.

Flexible Heaters For Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Refrigerated display cabinets Refrigerated and frozen food storage cabinets Cold room doors Cold room floors Evaporators Refrigerant compressors Refrigerated vehicles