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Kerone Mineral Insulated (MI) Cables

Kerone manufactures Mineral Insulated Cables which is able to meet all the industrial and commercial electric heating requirements. These cables have copper or stainless steel sheathing which offers the best characteristics of any heating system. The copper and stainless steel resists corrosion very well and are able to withstand high temperatures. This makes the cable inorganic and will not destroy with time. Mineral Insulated cables are safe, fully grounded systems which will not burn or support combustion.


The heating unit is factory assembled, designed and manufactured to provide long and negligible maintenance life. The hot section has been given a desired length to provide accurate watt density and uniform heating. All units end with non heating cold section of specified length. Each of the unit undergoes rigorous testing procedures to ensure highest quality.

Power Output

Maximum allowed cable load is 60 W / foot or197 W / meter

Temperature rating

Maximum exposure temperature depends upon the application and is approximately 400�C. Cable diameters - 6, 7, 8, 8.5 mm.

Basic Heating Cable Design Configurations

The heating cable units are factory assembled and supplied as fabricated units. They consists of a heated section joined to a length of non heating MI power cable which is pre terminated and ready to be fixed in to a junction box with a NPT threaded connector.