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Choosing right cable and wiring arrangement is always necessary for problem free operation of heating process need or even the environment where there is risk of higher temperature is there, improper choice of temperature rating may cause the trouble in the operation of the process and leads to frequent maintenance and replacement of cables, hence by understanding the need of market and to help the clients with the efficient solution KERONE started manufacturing the Higher temperature cables those can be made fitted into the high temperature process need, we manufacture various type of cables

Fibreglass flexible cables

Fiberglass Flexible Cables are utilized for complete wiring, short associations and repairs in and around 200° C. They are best suited to withstand a great many hours and are impervious to alkalies, water, gentle corrosive, oil, oil and growth and so on. They stay adaptable inside the temperature scope of 70° C to 200° C and are incredible retainers of dielectric qualities


They are used in applications and places where process temperature is very high – hooking up Electric Heaters on Rubber Moulds, Plastic Moulds, Plastic Extruders, Heating Chambers, Ovens, Textile Machines, Furnaces, Complete wiring in Steel Plants, Chemical Factories, Fertilizers Plants and Instrumentation wiring.

Cables can be made available in big sizes with single core, twin core, three core and four core cables based on the need of client.

  • Require little space
  • Fully insulated for heat losses
  • Temperature regulation with INFATROL
  • Replaceable heating element