Electric Heat Tracers in India, Mineral insulated Cables, MI Cables Installation, Mumbai, India


Electric heat tracer or heat tape sometimes also know as surface heater, is a heating arrangement which runs through the pipe or valve to maintain or raise the temperature when ever needed. Electric Heat tracer is one of the means of maintaining the temperature difference in a pipe within adequate range. Typically they are used for the

  • Heat maintenance
  • Frost Protection
  • Heat recovery

A resistance wire is twisted around two insulated bus bars. This resistance wire is in electrical contact with the bus bars at regular intervals called contact points (one of the conductors is stripped on some mm). An outside jacket insures the electrical insulation. The parallel power connection results in a series of constant wattage heating zones. The constant power cable can be cut to any length. A thermostat must control the temperature.

To balance for heat losses and to preserve a bare minimum temperature, an electric heat tracing system can be used. In most cases, heat tracing cable is pulled into trace conduits in long circuit lengths, after the pipes have been field assembled.

  • Strong and flexible construction
  • Cut to length at site
  • No wastage
  • Easy termination and installation
  • Integrated cold end, without joints