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The aluminum foil heating element consists of silicon insulated heating cable, placed between two aluminum sheets. The aluminum foil element has adhesive backing for easy fixing to the area which requires temperature maintenance. The material can easily be cut out to make it fit perfectly to the part on which the element will be fixed.

  • Temperature maintenance or freeze protection of vertical or horizontal tanks
  • Freeze protection of plate heat exchangers
  • Temperature maintenance of Food counters in the canteens
  • Anti-condensation of electronic or electric control boxes
  • Hermetic compressor heating
  • Anti-condensation of bathroom mirrors
  • Anti-condensation of refrigerated display cabinet, domestic and medical appliances.
  • Standard width – 50, 100, 150, 200 and 400 mm
  • Lengths – On request
  • Maximum surface temperature of the elements - 110° C
  • Voltage – any voltage on request
  • Output – up to 2.5 KW / m2
  • Tolerance on the output - ± 10%
  • Dielectric strength – 2500 Volts
  • Insulation class ii
  • Temperature control
  • Cut louts in the material
  • Earthing of the aluminum sheets