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Industrial Heaters

Openwind heaters are used because of its easy replaceability longer life..

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Mixing Kettle Plant
Mixing Kettle

Manufactured by the KERONE are made of the high quality.

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microwave heating systems

The principles of microwave heating as applied to industrial...

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Sterilization & Disinfestations System

Sterilization is defined as the process where all the living....

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Industrial Dryers
Industrial Dryers

Microwave/RF dryers help the efficient and focused drying of coating ..

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Kerone is the leading producers of the best quality food dryer dehydrators..

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Infrared Paper Coating And Drying

In today's time, in the paper industry has undergone ..

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Process Equipment/Plant

Process Equipments are arrangement of various mechanical...

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Coating And Impregnation Plant
Coating and Impregnation Plant

We are design & manufacture a wide range of coating systems machine....

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Gas Infrared Heating System

The Metal Fibre Burner has been designed to be the ...

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R.F. heating systems

KERONE offers highly efficient, economical and energy saving R.F. heaters and dryers....

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Infrared Heating Equipments

We offer IR Dryer that is a screen printing machine extensively used....

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Plastic Annealing Ovens

Annealing is Process to heating plastic to particular temperature....

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Industrial Heating Equipments

We offer a wide range of Industrial Heating Equipments.....

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Heating Cooling Systems

KERONE is having expertise in manufacturing of various types of heating ....

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