Insulation Ropes, Thermocouple Sheathing, Compensanting Cables, Mumbai, India


KERONE is among the very few names in the market that can help you all the type of need which are subjected to the heating, drying and cooling process of your business process requirement, we are delighting our clients since 1976 with our quality and economical products in the line of heating and drying solutions. We are manufacturing high quality and cost efficient heating accessories that as sometime become one of the most critical part of complete heating process need and even maintenance of heating and drying ovens.

The heating accessories manufactured by KEORNE, can be easy accommodated in the existing setup. The heating accessories are built with superior quality raw material and test for its quality assurance and operating life. We manufacture various types of heating accessories few are listed below

  • Electric Melting Pots
  • High Temperature Cables
  • Compensating Cables
  • Thermocouples
  • Insulation Ropes