Understanding the Concept and Importance of the Annealing

After selective heating which was the heat treatment for specific application only we are trying to trough some light on the Annealing heat treatment process. In Annealing the material under the processing is heated to particular temperature, the desired temperature is held for the defined time duration, and afterwards allowed to cool at steady rate of cooling. Annealing process is sensitive to temperature and time, depending upon the material the choice of the temperature and time is required.
Process of annealing:
The first step of the annealing is to heat the material under the processing, the temperature is raised slowly at steady rate of rise of temperature this is done achieve the equal state of the expansion with caution that the molecules should not change their state from solid to viscous liquid. The second step is to hold the temperature for the few minutes, hours to days depending upon the material so that all the molecules release their stress and pressure. The third and very important step is cooling the rate of the cooling is very critical and should be controlled accordingly to avoid 1) the creation of various temperature spotting (variation in the temperature due to complex shape or thickness of material) 2) achieve proper molecules reformation to achieve the desired flexibility and agility in the material.
Variants of the Annealing:
Below are the some variants of the annealing process:

  • Full Annealing/Conventional Annealing
  • Isothermal Annealing
  • Spheroidise Annealing
  • Re-Crystallization Annealing
  • Stabilisation Annealing
  • Stress Relief Annealing

*Variants of the annealing we will try explaining in the upcoming blogs.
Benefits of the Annealing:
Annealing heat treatment is done across several industries on various types of materials such as metals (steel, Iron etc), Glass, Plastic and Etc. to achieve following benefits of the process:

  • Reduces the inner stress 
  • Increases Ductility 
  • Increases the toughness
  • Improves the homogeneity
  • Improves the agility 
  • Improves the material structure 
  • Reduces the hardness and brittleness 
  • Improves the magnetic property 
  • Improves the appearance of the material 

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