Why and How to temper a Glass

From last decade we have seen increase in the usage of the Glass in various sectors such as façade of big corporate houses or residential buildings in real estate, home & office interior and decorative, crockery items, water bottles, in Automobile industry, and in last few years the use of small tempered glasses as protective screen guards for the mobile and other electronics systems especially in India and Asian countries. This increased usage of glass with greater human surrounding requires two important things first it should not break easily; second even if it broke it should not harm anyone in any sense.
Now the question is why and how to achieve the above mentioned requirements, the desired requirements are achieved by the way of heat treatment on the glass. This process of heat treatment is known as the Tempering; in tempering the glass is heated in the tempering oven of batch or continuous type, the glass is heated to its softening point of temperature of around 564 degree Celsius to 620 degree Celsius once the desired temperature is achieved the glass is cooled rapidly under high-pressure in few seconds is called “quenching”. This give the glass edges strengths and increases the breaking strength and safety, the properly tempered glass has strength to resist pressure and impact of up to 100, 00 psi to 240, 00 psi and when tempered glass breaks it breaks into relatively small and harmless fragments.
Characteristics of the Tempered Glass:

  • Tempered Glass can endure 4 to 5 time’s greater pressure than the annealed glass with physical property.
  • Thermal strength of the tempered glass is much higher.
  • Tempered glass breaks in small harmless fragments and does not results into sharp edges of the fragments, hence can be denoted as safety glass.
  • The basic property of the glass is maintained such as light transmission, radiating solar energy.
  • No cutting or shape change is possible once the glass is annealed.

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