Microwave Heating for the Food Processing

Microwave heating SystemsThe changing lifestyle, busy life and increase disposable income has raised the demand packaged ready to cook/eat food product, the demand and increasing consumption rate of the such foods for daily nutritional need had forced the food processing companies/units to produce high quality packaged foods with greater quantity, also maintaining the nutritional level of the food at the same time due to strict governing authorities.

The traditional heating systems were unable to deliver the   desired result in the stipulated time hence the food industries and their technology partners have started using the electromagnetic based heating systems, amongst the popular electromagnetic heating systems such as IR, RF and Microwave, the microwave type of heating systems have gain popularity.

The microwave heating has increased the production rate by reducing the cooking time; also the quality of microwave processed is good. The success point of the microwave was its ability to penetrate within the food product and result in heating from inner to outer surface; this made the microwave heating as ideal for the cooking, baking, thawing and etc. The food products processed in microwave usually evening cooked/heated.

Even though the microwave heating was proving it advantages but before using the it for the actual production the 2 major factors those were challenging, first one was the adaptability within the current system as replacing complete manufacturing facility were never feasible and economical and second was impact of the microwave electromagnetic waves on the materials under processing as it should not change the molecular property of the food processed and turn it the toxic or harm the mankind on consumption in any means. But due to it electromagnetic wavelength it only collides with the  molecules with in food and energizes them as soon as molecules get excited the total electromagnetic radiation is changed in the form of heat, hence it can never make food radioactive or contaminate. As the Microwaves utilizes low frequency electromagnetic energy (frequency range round 300-3000 Mhz), it never breaks the compound bonds. Thus, there is not any substantiated proof it causes undue chemical reaction that can happen in food and making it poisons or radioactive that can harm human health when consumed.

The application of microwave heating system provides beneficial approaches to defrost, cook or reheat foods. Numerous studies have been led to survey the security and conceivable supplement misfortune connected with microwave cooking. The best accessible confirmation upholds that the utilization of microwave cooking brought about foods with well being and supplement quality like those cooked by ordinary systems.

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