Heating and cooling systems, to facilitate all Industrial functions

The process of manufacturing of expensive and high-grade products especially pharmaceutical and special chemical products, include a great deal of heating or cooling procedures of materials to maintain a specific and desirable temperature. Though they are not produced in very large quantities, to get the desirable temperature the materials have to undergo numerous heating and cooling systems. Both heating and cooling work on the principle that heat always moves from warmer object to a cooler one, to facilitate this flow of heat, a medium is required which can be air, gaseous or any fluid (water or other oils). The medium must be flexible—with a wide operating temperature range, hence a liquid medium tends to be better than that of air or gaseous form.
The industries which use heating and cooling systems in particular:

  • Petroleum – for the crude oil production & processing, the best, efficient heating systems and services are a necessity in almost all its processes, which demands to be safe, effective, and reliable, while maximizing efficiency.
  • Plastics – heat transfer fluids or thermal fluids are used in a number of processes in plastic industry, some namely – cooling, temperature control, bonding, curing, drying, etc.
  • Rubber – heating systems are used to enhance frame that reduces heat loss and a precision control system that ensures uniform temperature and to maintain overall consistency of moisture content.
  • Paper – it mostly uses plant utility heating and indirect steam generators, which plays a crucial role in maintaining temperature, quality and consistency.
  • Steel – the cooling systems are used in various applications on galvanization lines and process or energy circuits.
  • Food – the development of heating systems is a method to destroy pathogenic bacteria in packaged food & drink and therefore aid in food safety.
  • Pharmaceuticals – tank & suction heating, steam superheating are some of the methods that are essential for freeze protection and proper temperature maintenance and control, also critical to the molded and extruded components used within these industries, for which several thermal oil systems can be used.

These complex functions are carried on with even more complex machinery that have been made easy to install with hassle free functions and plug & play features, by KERONE. It is a designing, installing and manufacturing company providing professional solutions since last 42 years, have had the expertise of giving the best suited solutions as per consumer specifications. Among the long list of as many as 150 models of process & manufacturing machines, KERONE also designs and manufactures the heating and cooling systems as required by various industries.

Following are the types of heating and cooling systems, by KERONE:

1: Single Fluid Heating/ cooling systems:
This system is normally connected to a single reactor, where temperature varies as per the process requirement, maintaining the constant temperature difference between the process and the fluid, giving a precise control over the heating and cooling cycle. It is manufactured so as all the wetted parts are of stainless steel to avoid corrosion resulting in spoilage of products. Thus utilizing this system in the production process not only results in batch-to-batch consistency and higher yield but also eliminates the trouble of traditional heating and cooling which consisted of lengthy processes and numerous machinery.
2: Hot water systems:
These systems are engineered to provide accurate, reliable and cost effective temperature control for process load. It can be used with steam and electric units. It is designed to maximize productivity of the process, improves consistency, reduces scrap, speeds start-up and reliable production rates. It is an ideal choice for fluctuating process loads, urgent demands and heat sensitive process.
Types of Hot Water system:

  • Direct steam heating
  • Indirect steam heating (Using PHE or Shell and Tube condenser).
  • Electrical Heating

3: Skid mounted reaction Unit:
Traditionally, the fine chemical and pharmaceutical industries have favoured batch reaction, so we have provided multipurpose reactors which can perform various chemical reactions in a single unit. All the parts are well polished and made of suitable grade of stainless steel to facilitate cleanliness to ensure no contamination from the residues of the previous batch.
4: Fractional Distillation:
Traditionally, the industries preferred batch distillation; hence to facilitate their work, we develop a systems perspective to distillation technology, whereby a fully functional distillation unit, including peripheral equipment is being built and developed into a skid, then delivered.

Types of Fractional Distillation Operations:

  • Simple Distillation
  • Vacuum / High Vacuum Distillation.
  • Fractional Distillation.
  • zeotropic Distillation

Why choose us?
Accuracy, efficiency, machine quality and output quality are not just words but our commitment towards our profession since last 42 years, creating a base of more than 1000 loyal customers. Our heating and cooling systems are developed with a key competence for controlling process temperatures in a variety of industries – all with a level of precision that manufacturers demand. We also provide detailed assistance without much hassle of complex functioning of the machinery. We always strive to achieve more than client satisfaction with our timely delivery, quality and efficiency towards every machine manufactured by us.

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