Facts and Figures of Microwave Radiation & Heating

In the growing technology and cut throat environment for engineering, industries and demanding new and improved processing methods which can be implemented for a wider variety of materials and can yield better physical and mechanical properties of materials than conventional routes. Presently wider varieties of non-conventional processing methods are in use, but energy consumptions and processing time requirements are the main issues. Hence, Microwave radiations are found to be advantageous in terms of qualities imparted to the materials in terms of physical, mechanical, metallurgical, etc. and along with this energy and time savings during processing.
Microwave heating is a process whereby microwave rays produced by magnetrons are directed toward reactants or heating medium, which absorb the electromagnetic energy volumetrically to achieve self-heating uniformly and rapidly. These microwave rays are electromagnetic radiation and the frequency range lies between 1 and 300GHz and these microwave frequencies with different wavelengths are used for a wide variety of applications. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), for heating purposes in industrial, scientific, and medical systems has reserved 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz frequencies. The heating by microwaves involves direct absorption of radiations by materials, then converts it into heat energy, and leads to volumetric heating of materials. The work of the authors reported that microwave heating consumes 10–100 times less energy and 10–200 times lesser processing times compared to conventional routes. Materials placed in the microwave environment are classified as insulators, conductors, semiconductors, and superconductors.

The heating prodigies are different for conventional and microwave processing of materials. Conventional processing methods involve heating the surface and then transferring heat into the materials by the phenomenon of conduction, convention, and radiation; whereas in microwave heating, the electromagnetic energy gets converted into heat from within the material, which moves toward the outer direction from the core/center of materials.
This microwave heating mechanism offers many advantages over conventional heating due to the following factors:

  • The direct absorption of microwaves by materials allows volumetric heating which produces enhanced diffusion rates, reduced power consumptions, and lower processing times.
  • These characteristics of higher heating rates and higher diffusion rates allow improvements in physical and mechanical properties of the microwave-processed materials or components owing to which defect rates are lower.
  • Further occurrence of volumetric heating provides selective heating and uniform heating, leading to decreased processing temperatures, reduced thermal gradient, reduced heat-affected zone, and lower environmental hazards.

In recent years, the utilization of microwaves in various applications has increased many folds. The various processing domains where this technology has been applied successfully are:

  • Communication systems
  • Food processing, wood drying
  • Enhanced chemical reactions
  • Vulcanization of rubber
  • Processing of ceramics and metallic materials
  • Steel making
  • Glass tempering
  • Joining of materials
  • Welding, waste treatment
  • Recovery of alternate sources of energy

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