Vacuum Microwave Wood Drying averts cracks and discolouration

Wood Drying also known as Seasoning lumber or Wood seasoning refers to reducing the moisture content of wood prior to its use. Two main uses of seasoned lumber –
– Wood Working: used mainly as construction material as structural support to a building or woodworking objects.
– Wood Burning: used mainly for domestic or small scale commercial purposes.
Wood is divided, according to its botanical origin, into two kinds: Softwood and Hardwood. Softwoods are from coniferous trees and hardwoods from broad-leaved trees. Softwoods are lighter and generally simple in structure hence easier to process, whereas hardwoods are harder and more complex due to which permeability of hardwood is very, making it more difficult to dry. The density of softwoods ranges between 350 kg/m³ – 700 kg/m³, while hardwoods are 450 kg/m³ – 1250 kg/m³. Both consist of approximately 12% of moisture. In spite of the fact that there are around a hundred times a greater number of types of hardwood trees than softwood trees, the capacity to be dried and processed quicker and all the more effectively makes softwood the principle supply of commercial wood today.

There are two main Microwave wood drying methods namely

  1. Vacuum microwave dryer
  2. Non vacuum microwave dryer

Non Vacuum Microwave Dryer is commonly used for regular drying whereas Vacuum microwave wood dryer is a high tech and quality drying way. It is applied for high quality required and hard wood drying. Vacuum microwave dryer could rapidly evacuate dampness under a low temperature. The wood interior air has an impact on wood drying capacity. Positive air permeability has a superior drying result.
Features of Vacuum Microwave Dryer:

  • Process drying wood in confined space
  • Lower pressure to accelerate moisture movement out of wood
  • Shorter drying period compared to conventional drying
  • Maintains original wood color with minimum discolouration
  • Heat both internal and external of wood
  • Kills all kinds of insects to avoid wood mildew and other issues
  • Better drying result
  • Lower energy consumption,
  • Large capacity,
  • Suitable for expensive or high quality wood.
  • Energy saving and environmental friendly
  • Averagely drying to obtain quality wood
  • Reaches accurate water percentage, without deformation and crack

KERONE has constantly been the choice of multiple customers for its extensive ‘hands-on’ experience of application of electromagnetic radiation in wood drying industry. Demystifying the intensive process of wood drying we provide various machinery facilities and assistance to our esteemed clients as per their specific process requirement. Reducing environmental impacts is also an important aspect for any processing industry, and hence all our equipment and solution development is focused on minimizing utilities consumption and better water and energy stewardship, reducing the product losses and wastages generated by the process.
Why choose us?
Since the last 42 years, accuracy, efficiency, machine quality and output quality are not just words but KERONE’s lifetime commitment towards our profession since its inception, creating a base of more than 1000 loyal customers. Our systems are used to meet the varying demands of numerous industrial applications – all with a level of precision that manufacturers seek. Fulfilling demands as per client’s specification has been our USP and we strive to carry the same forward. We also provide detailed assistance for installation without much hassle of complex functioning of the machinery. We always strive to achieve more than client satisfaction with our timely delivery, quality and efficiency towards all equipment manufactured by us.

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