Microwave Heating System for the Synthesis

Microwave heating system has become the very useful and vital for the Chemical, pharmaceutical or laboratories for the process for synthesis. Over the years as the microwave heating systems has proved its importance and showed how beneficial the microwave is for the synthesis process. Let’s try to understand why the microwave has been so successful.
Let first try to define what synthesis is, the popular dictionaries and books define synthesis as process of creating anything artificial by combining two or more entities irrespective of whether they are natural, artificial or organic. The synthesis process is very common in chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratories.
Heating is one of the critical steps in the process of synthesis, for the process of synthesis to take palace properly and efficiently it’s required to heat the materials to be synthesized accurately. The conventional heating system which used for the synthesis process used to heat the outer body of the container then material, where as the synthesis required to heat the molecules of the material as the synthesis is process that results from the molecules of two or more material or chemicals.

Conventional Heating

The microwave based heating systems has been major breakthrough in the process of synthesis, the microwave has transformed by it capabilities and speedup the process in multifold as compare to traditional process. The property to microwave to heat the material by energizing the molecules of the material hence the heat is generated within the chemical and material under the process. The conduction time for the heat is approximately zero, and as the molecules are energized the process of synthesis does not take any time.
Microwave and material has two type of interaction 1) Dipole Interaction 2) Ionic Conduction. In Dipole interaction the polar molecules try to align themselves with the rapidly changing electric field of the microwave, Collisions and friction between the moving molecules result in heating. Where as in ionic conduction which results if there are free ions or ionic species present in the substance being heated, the microwave generated ionic motion as the molecules try to point themselves to the rapidly changing field this cause the instant heating.

Microwave heating

The Microwave provide following advantages over the conventional heating system for synthesis process:

  • Faster synthesis process
  • High temperature can be achieved in no time
  • Ease to use 
  • Very rapid reactions
  • Higher degree of purity achieved due to short residence time at high temperatures
  • Selective heating
  • Green technology 

KERONE has 40 years of experience in providing high quality microwave based heating solutions for the synthesis process. KERONE is having vast experience in developing microwave heaters for the synthesis highly reactive materials and chemicals. For more information you can reach us as [email protected] and www.kerone.com .

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