Infrared (IR) heaters for efficacious manufacturing

Manufacturing processes is changing day by day, doing business has become very challenging over time and new concepts of manufacturing process improvement had brought traditional way of production and all major and minor steps of manufacturing process under strict scrutiny. Concepts such as process improvement, lean management, Poke-yoke, Six Sigma and Just in time (JIT) have coerced manufacturer/team of experts to study and analyze the every process in terms of time required in every piece of product, space utilization factor, efficiency, economy of scale etc. Different concepts started working on different part of manufacturing processes, such as lean management and process improvement started by analyzing every necessary and unnecessary process involved in complete manufacturing process, entire manufacturing process is divided into small stages and then later every stage is further sub-divided to analyze worthiness of every single man power or machinery and all required steps are taken to improve or eliminate the process step that is not adding value to total manufacturing process and help to improve ROI.

As part of industrial manufacturing process such as heating, drying or welding those required the input process material to heat at desired process to achieve the desired quality output product. The conventional heating/drying techniques which results in required more time and energy to heat the input material, the conventional heating/drying takes longer time hence the batch size must be large as to match the future demand , this require excess inventory. The Conventional heating system heat complete chamber to achieve the desired level of heating at input material, hence this requires large amount of energy to be wasted. The conventional haters are huge in size which required larger floor space.

KERONE, itself have been manufacturing heating solution from last 40years and has witnessed the transformation in manufacturing process, hence to help our clients and society with better and more environmental friendly heating solution, we have adopted new technologies such as Infrared for heating and drying solution.

Infrared heaters/dryers uses infrared frequencies of Electromagnetic spectrum, these infrared frequencies fall just above the visible frequencies, Infrared heaters does not product heat as source but it produces heat at source i.e. material under processing. The infrared heater/dryer produces the heat by using the surface of input material, since it does not required to heat the air for transfer of heat it results in the rapid transfer of heat and causes material to get heated in very short span of time. These capabilities of Infrared heating/drying system help in achieving the more efficacious manufacturing by adding following advantages:

1)      No time is wasted in heating, hence batch sizes are small even it’s suitable for the continuous heating which ultimately no need to maintain large inventory.

2)       Since heat is generated as source itself, so it does not and no air is heated it results in lower energy consumption and it makes it green solution.

3)      As it heats the surface of input material and air temperature is not required to maintain so it does not require large chamber size, hence infrared heaters offer better floor space utilization.

4)      Zoning within the continuous infrared heating system allows not implementing different heating arrangements.

Infrared heaters/dryer had helped the manufacturers to achieve the great level of saving in terms of cost, time and space and makes the manufacturer to produce competitive product.

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