Industrial Fabric Coating- Making More Than Just Piece Cloth

Products such as bags, air bags, cloths, walls coverings, protective sheets, upholstery tarpaulins, tents, air inflated structures and protection covers are the products made out of the fabric, however fabric alone is not sufficient to provide desired features hence it is required to combine fabric and some other material to offer desired features. Hence the role of coating becomes very critical and have been popularised over the time, the fabric coating industry produces wide verity of products by coating fabric substrate with various type of polymers. Industries such manufacturing, road building, apparel, aircraft, automotive, boating, transportation, outdoor equipment, mining, and other are huge consumer base of coated fabric.
All type of fabric coating process consist of fabric substrate, on which polymer of several type is applied, giving the product characteristics of the coating and the fabric. The fabric provides the product strength, assembly, and elasticity features. The coating significantly enriches the fabric’s performance capabilities and provides qualities such as water resistance, flame retardance, chemical resistance, increased strength, and abrasion resistance. Coatings are mostly comprises of the polymer base, solvents, pigments, plasticizers, lubricants, and fillers. The coating is applied using a many techniques such as dip, roll, or spread the coating onto the fabric material. The process must ensure that the fabric is not impaired during coating application. After application, the product passes through a flash-off area on its way to the drying and curing ovens. These ovens mark the final stage of the production process, where the coating is fused to the substrate.
Variables Essential for Product Development Derived from Applications of Coated Materials

Fabric Coating

Coated Fabric Products and the Materials Used 

Industrial Fabric Process

Below are some of the most commonly used fabric coating techniques:

  • Calendering
  • Extrusion Coating
  • Knife-Over-Roll Coating
  • Lamination Coating
  • Reverse-Roll Coating
  • Rotary Screen Coating
  • Transfer Coating
  • Dip coating
  • Impregnation Coating
  • Gravure Print Coating

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